FRoSTBiTTEN - Season #1 - FrostGrave Campaign

Recovering from the First Exploration

The old kobold was startled awake by a painful ache in his nasal passages and quickly sat up while opening his eyes.  Grateful to be surrounded by near-total darkness, the familiar scent of his den comforted him, despite the pain in his snout from the luckiest of crossbow shots.

"You're awake, that's good", came a voice from across the den, Chelios immediately recognized the hissless accent of a Kuo-Toa and attempted to prepare for possible combat.  The voice continued, "Tộc trưởng, If I meant you harm, would I not have killed you while you slept?  It is I, Tootoo, who healed your wounded snout, for I wish to be your student."

"You wish to learn from me?", croaked Chelios.  "Yes, Tộc trưởng, I do, for you have survived the Thành phố của tổ tiên without falling to the ancestral curse.  I wish to learn their secrets, if you're returning there."

Just then, Chelios heard the quiet clicking of claws on the den's floor and the familiar hiss of his apprentice, Tkachuck, "The Kuo-Toa speaks truly, Tộc trưởng, and he's demonstrated skill in healing.  Not only you, but also Roberts, and even the con rồng, both Ramsay and Sandor.

Chelios reflected for a moment, finally hissing, "Tkachuck, show your brother apprentice to your shared den and teach him the way of Các yếu tố.  In a while, I shall check on any special needs."

Once the two apprentices had left, the wizard rose and began checking on his retainers.  The Kobolds-at-Arms and Infantry-Kobolds had been unharmed and were currently hunting and gathering for a meal.  The thief Roberts had been badly wounded while fighting a skeleton, but had managed to bring back treasure, and was currently recovering.  Seeing the thief's horrible head wound, Chelios exclaimed, "Roberts, I'm happy you survived your fight, but you look DREADFUL!"


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