FRoSTBiTTEN - Season #1 - FrostGrave Campaign

Geniez are Weeniez

KryKy wiped the blood from his knuckles as ZiMPLToN lay there whimpering like the dawg he wuz, all da whilez likkin his fresh wounds az if dat would help,… "Howz wuz I ta knowz dat dat Skroll wuzn't wurth da parchment it wuz on Boz?" was what had led to da beating ZiMPLToN was now slowly trying to recover from.  Of allz da timez for a Skroll of Bind Daemon ta fail,… it hadz ta be ZiMPLToNZ  ineptitudez dat mezzed it up.

KryKy felt better as he made his way back to his chamber,… Nuttin like a bit of discipline when it wuz called for; KryKy didn't feel  remorze for his axetionz, ZiMPLToN had gottin exaktly wut he dezerved .  Now bak in hiz chamber KryKy reflekted on the outing his Band of Hooliganz had returnerd from az he propped hiszelf up on da 2 Grimiorez dey had found,.. Az much az he hated ta thinkz it,… dat Geniez treazure had gift'd dem wit one of da finest Tapestriez he ad ever zeen, it brought a fine amount of coin at da market and dat coin had been put ta good uze.

Nowz SNaGGLETOOTH had a perfekt Kennil ta kall iz own and wouldn't be beggin all da time ta take carez of hiz bizinezz outside,.. Nowz he livez outside andz enjoyd dem skrapz dey be givin him and KryKy didn't have ta hearz him skratchin at dat door at all hourz ta be left outzide.  KoRWiN da Krozzbowzman be liken hiz new Krozzbow wit dat extra punch andz best of allz,… he wuz able ta hire a a proper GreenSkin Knight ta join da Rankz.  Dem bookz dey had found could waitz - afta just a brief skimmin,…. KryKy knew dey would give him a headzache.

KryKy blew da kandle out az he laid down and slowly drifted ta sleep,…. soon dey wouldz be headin back and soon dey would be seeinz wut elze da Fatez had instore for hiz group.



koreankodiak FrostGraveRob

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