FRoSTBiTTEN - Season #1 - FrostGrave Campaign

Episode 2 - Genie in a Bottle

Vornhearst Epilogue

The Necromancers Crypt

"Damn that pint-sized, pointy nosed, avocado!" bellowed Vornhearst.

The necromancer spun around in a rage and kicked a loose skull laying on the ground. It sailed through the cold air of the crypt and smashed into the face of Vornhearst's apprentice Malyn knocking him off the barrel he had been sitting on.

"The genie's lamp could have been mine, and that little gutter snipe ran away with it" fumed the necromancer.

The last trip into the city was not without its rewards, two ancient grimoires and a sack of gold was nothing to sneeze at. The necromancer stoked his ragged long beard and thought to the days ahead. He now had apprentice and six semi-reliable henchman. With recent purchases, Vornhearst was sure his next trip into the city would be more profitable.

Post Game Action

New Purchases:

  • Healing Potion
  • Elixir of Speed

Experience Point Purchase

  • Improved Leap
  • Learned Awareness




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