FRoSTBiTTEN - Season #1 - FrostGrave Campaign

Der & Back Again

KryKy had made it through his first foray into the ruins unscathed as had his group of hooligans,… as he and his group made there way about the ruins on the outskirts of Felstad – for this he was grateful – as a Goblin had every right to be,… their strength came in numbers and although he was satisfied by the band he had at his disposal,… he still yearned for more members.

Prior to venturing into the unknown he and his apprentice ZiMPLToN had feverishly worked on a construct and as the Fatez would have it the attempt to bring life into this creation had succeeded – now "NiM~RoD" as the thing came to be known would add its services to the cause,… Numbers it seemed made KryKy happy and ZiMPLToN was happy as well,… no beatings would occur this night.

Reflecting on the gains he had made during the expedition as he relaxed in the abandoned laboratory they had found after their first run through the ruins, he was most pleased with the fact that bringing "NiM~RoD" to life had been easier than he had first thought it might be,… in fact he felt more confident about the process and knew it would be even easier the next time.

Calling his crew to a meeting in the dust filled dankness that was the main room of their new base camp KryKy let all know that in three days,… they would venture forth once more  /  The group agreed and some noted that they had heard others were searching the ruins as well – in fact, a few mentioned that the same day they had been exploring they could have sworn they heard the sounds of battle.  KryKy had hoped they they had not heard these things as he knew his fellow goblins may not be as brave as he when it comes to battle,… he to had heard the sounds that day and could have sworn he heard the gasps of someone else attuned to the mystical energies let out a gasp before falling to the ground.

"Never youz worries bout dat!" he stated as leaving the chamber,… all the while thinking to himself if his powers would once again prove to be of benefit, "We Gotz Dis!" he said as making his way to the chamber he called his own.


koreankodiak FrostGraveRob

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