Vornhearst the Necromancer

No Dead Like the Undead!


Level 3 Necromancer
Current Experience Points: 0
Experience Points Earned: 300
Current GC: 47
Total GC Earned: 260


Mv Fi Sh Ar Wd HP
6 6 0 10 4 15


  • Staff
  • Potion of Healing


Enchanter: ll/( -2 to roll) – Line of Sight
The armour worn by the target now counts as magic armour and grants a + 1 to Armour for the rest of the game. Multiple castings of this spell on the same target have no effect.
Sigilist: 12/( -2 to roll) – Out of Game
This spell can only be cast by a wizard, and allows him to absorb the knowledge from a written work without having to read it. A wizard immediately gains 50 experience points for casting this spell to represent the speed with
which he can gain knowledge. This spell may only be cast after a game in which the wizard was not reduced to 0 Health.
Witch: 10/(-2 to roll) – Line of Sight
A line of fog, 6" long, 3" high and 1" thick settles across the battlefield within line of sight of the caster (use cotton or paper to mark the patch of fog). Figures can move through the fog with no difficulty, but no-one may draw
line of sight through it. At the start of each new turn, roll a d20. On a result of 19 or 20 the fog dissipates and is removed from the table.
Summoner – 10/(-2 to roll) – Line of Sight
The target makes an immediate 1 o· move in any direction, including vertically. This move is not hindered by any terrain unless that terrain is over 1 o· high. Target may take no other action this turn. This spell cannot be used
to move a f1gure into combat.
Necromancer -10/(-2 to roll) – Line of Sight
The target must make an immediate Will roll versus the casting roll. If failed, the target immediately loses 3 Health and the spellcaster regains 3 Health. This may not take the spellcaster above his starting health.
This spell has no effect on undead, constructs or demons. A spellcaster may target a member of his own warband – if he does, however, the target will immediately (and permanently) leave the warband and will move as quickly as
possible off the board.
Necromancer: 8/(-2 to roll) – Out of Game/Touch
This spell can be used both ‘Out of Game’ and during the game. If successful, the spell caster adds one zombie to his warband (see Chapter 6: Bestiary). If the spell Is cast before the game, the zombie can be deployed
normally. If it is cast during a game, the zombie appears in base contact with the spell caster. A warband may only have one raised zombie at any one time. If the zombie is killed during a game, Raise Zombie can be cast
again to create another. A raised zombie does not count towards the warband size limit and remains with a warband until the end of the game, at which point it crumbles into dust.
Necromancer – 8/(-2 to roll) – Line of Sight
This spell fires a small, sharp shard of bone at a target. The spellcaster may make an immediate +5 shooting attack against any figure in line of sight. This does not count as a magic attack.
Chronomancer: 12/(-2 to roll) – Line of Sight
Target receives +2 Move for the rest of the game. Multiple castings of Fleet Feet on the same target have no effect.
Soothsayer: 12/(-2 to roll)- Self Only
This spell allows the spell caster to add +1 to his warband’s initiative rolls for the rest of the game. Multiple castings of this spell have no effect, but it may be cast again if the original spell caster is removed from play.

Vornhearst the Necromancer

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