Season One

Frost Grave Campaign – Corebook Only


Long ago, the great city of Felstad sat at the centre of a magic empire. Its towering spires, labyrinthine catacombs, and immense libraries were the wonder of the age and potions, scrolls, and mystical items of all descriptions poured forth from its workshops. Then, one cataclysmic night, a mistake was made. In some lofty tower or dark chamber, a foolish wizard unleashed a magic too powerful to control. A storm rose up – an epic blizzard that swallowed the city whole, burying it deep and leaving the area as nothing more than a vast, frozen wasteland. The empire was shattered and its magic faded. As the centuries came and went, Felstad passed from history to legend and on into myth.

Only a few wizards, clinging to the last remnants of magic knowledge, still believed that the lost city had ever actually existed. But their faith was rewarded. After a thousand years, the fell winter has passed. The snows have receded, and Felstad has been uncovered. Its buildings lie in ruins, overrun by undead creatures and magic constructs, the legacy of the empire’s experiments. It is an evil, dangerous place. To the few hardy souls who inhabit the
nearby villages, the city has acquired a new name – ‘Frostgrave’ – and is shunned by all rightthinking people. For those who seek power and riches, however, it is an unparalleled opportunity, a deadly maze concealing secrets of knowledge long forgotten…



FRoSTBiTTEN - Season #1 - FrostGrave Campaign

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