KryKy Da KRoK

Goblin Enchanter of Awesomeness


Goblin of Awesomeness and an ego to go along with it,… not bad for a crazed GreenSkin


KryKy had always yearned for more,.. and boy,… did he get it,

First dem dar Orkz up and kikked him from da Klan,…. was it his fault dat one of his contraptions didn’t work as intended??? was it his fault that 3 Ork type elders died due to its malfunctions?,…. nahhhh that couldn’t be it,… T’was dem dat messed up by hittin da “Red Buttin” to see if it would go fasta,….

Now KryKy was on a mission,

He had seen dem Visionz and knew twas his destiny a callin, Da Fatez had planz for ’em,… he was sure of it and come hell or high water,… he would make da Fatez realize who dey was a messin wit.

KryKy Da KRoK

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